Energy Associates is a professional corporation that provides engineering and consulting services for projects at ports, terminals, power plants, transportation, mines, and the minerals/process industries.  We assist: owners, developers, A/E firms, industrial enterprises, financial and banking institutions, utilities, governmental agencies, and EPC Contractors.  Energy Associates is often part of an engineering team, providing specialty expertise that allows the project to move forward quickly in the right direction.  Assignments and responsibilities include:

Energy Associates specializes in bulk material handling, blending, processing, storing, and transloading.  The equipment installed on systems includes: belt conveyors, pipe conveyors, drag conveyors, screw conveyors, airslide conveyors, en-mass conveyors, Flexowell conveyors, high-angle belt conveyors, belt feeders, vibrating feeders, rotary plow feeders, screw feeders, vibrating screens, rotary screens, traveling stackers, radial stackers, bucket-wheel stacker reclaimers, scraper reclaimers, shiploaders, grab bucket ship unloaders, continuous screw ship unloaders, continuous ladder bucket unloaders, pneumatic ship unloaders, self-unloading vessels, traveling trippers with silo storage, crushers, breakers, pulverizers, ball mills, bowl mills, dust collection, dust suppression, pile spray systems, conveyor washdown systems, belt scales, sampling systems, transfer structures. 


Ports, Terminals, and Processing Plants




Frac Sand



Construction Signage

Samalju Industrial Port – View of Harbor Dredging
Alumina, Coke, Fertilizer, Maganese Ore, Phosphate Rock, Quartz, etc.

Harbor Plan


AESCayugaGypsumBall.JPG Bauxite

AESCayugaCoalStockpile.JPG Clinker

Iron Ore

Copper Concentrates, HBI, Slag

Gypsum Rock

Direct Reduced Iron Briquettes

SanLorenzoUrea, DAP, Potash

While our primary projects have been in the US, Energy Associates has assisted on assignments in Colombia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Italy, Liberia, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, Thailand, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.  In previous employment, our team has worked on projects throughout Asia and South America.

Fuel Handling Systems at Power Plants

BiomassPelletStockpileDraxPower.JPGBiomass - Pellets

BiomassTracyPowerPlantCalifornia.JPGBiomass – Wood Chips

4,000 tph Barge Loader

Coal Handling System

AESCayugaGypsumBall.JPG Gypsum “Ball”

AESCayugaCoalStockpile.JPG Coal & Alt. Fuel Blending

4,000 tph Radial Stacker

Crushing & Plant Feed System

Take-up Relocation/Retrofit

Magnet Retrofit

High-Angle Conveyor Retrofit

Rotary Breaker Retrofit

Detail Design

Once the system’s functions, attributes, layout, and transitions are established, the detail design of each belt conveyor is the focus for executing a project.  Mechanical calculations are normally the first priority to determine conveyor horsepower, belt tensions, pulley sizes and other parameters that are important to the selection and application of manufactured components including:

1.       Drives: gearbox, chain, v-belt, cog-belt, hydraulic, and fluid drives.

2.       Drive components: holdback backstops; brakes; couplings, and fluid couplings.

3.       Conveyor components: pulleys; troughing, transition, impact, training, return, and V-return idlers; belt scrapers; and belt plows.

4.       Safety devices: emergency stop, speed, pull cord, belt alignment or misalignment, plug chute, and other field devices.

Designs that understand and critically analyze conveyor parameters, equipment selections, and applications are synonymous with success.  The goal is to minimize the potential for accidents, problems, failures, and disputes.